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I fell for her like Troy fell to the Greeks; quickly, and in the most embarrassing way imaginable.

Wait, quickly? Wasn’t it after ten years of staring at each other angrily and killing each other’s best friends?

… oh wait or is this because she was dressed like a horse


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Marion Zimmer Bradley: It’s Worse Than I Knew


Marion Zimmer Bradley: It’s Worse Than I Knew

Trigger warning: child rape

Moira Greyland (MZB and Walter Breen’s daughter) has agreed to let me share her email.

This is really hard stuff to read, and I’ve just thrown up my lunch. I knew about none of this part of things until a few minutes ago.

Hello Deirdre.

It is a lot worse than that.

The first time she molested me, I was three. The last time, I was twelve, and able to walk away.

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Mouse Trap, Fuller-style

"I turn the crank, engaging the set of gears. The gears push against a lever, which leads to the shoe kicking the bucket. The metal ball in the bucket falls down a set of stairs and into the rain gutter, winding its sway down and eventually hitting the rod with a severed hand attached to it. This knocks loose the large marble, which falls through the bathtub, and lands on the diving board. This, in turn, flips the inexplicable diver sailing into a large round tub. The impact knocks the cage loose, and it falls, trapping the mouse.

This is my design.”

(Seriously, totally needs to be a sequence on Season 3 of Hannibal)

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first look the intercept: 9 white males (60%), 2 men of color (13%), 2 white women (13%), 2 women of color (13%).

five thirty eight: 13 white males (68%), 3 white women (16%), 3 women of color (16%).

voxdotcom: 7 white males (50%), 7 white women (50%)

all together: 29 white males (60%), 12 white women (25%), 2 men of color (4%), 5 women of color (10%).

85.4% white 14.6% poc

And this is the cutting-edge new media, folks. Sigh.

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Norilana Books and a small-press scam


Norilana Books is a science fiction small press run by Vera Nazarian. She is by all accounts very talented and quite prolific.

Norilana Books has not paid any of its writers any of the royalties owed to them. It hasn’t paid them in over 3 years.

Nazarian has recently started a crowdfunding campaign in which she asks contributors to donate $21,000 in back fees for her authors.

Behind the cut is the backstory on why you should NOT contribute to this fund, regardless of your desire to help Norilana’s writers, and why you should warn other people from contributing to it as well.

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